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Clip-on Vaporizer - Natural Baby Cough & Cold Relief

Clip-on Vaporizer - Natural Baby Cough & Cold Relief

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COUGH & COLD: Soothing menthol and eucalyptus vapors for stuffy nose + Cold Relief (4 refill vapor pads included)

NATURAL: All natural essential oils, only 2 ingredients, Made in the USA.

LONG LASTING: All night relief with 12+ hours of aromatherapy

ON-THE-GO: Vapor-RaZ is small, portable, and can be attached directly to baby's clothes, crib, bassinet, car seat, etc

SAFE: Vapor-RaZ is battery & water free, making it safer and cleaner than a humidifier

Perfect for baby cough and cold relief and stuffy noses - The clip releases natural, therapeutic oils to soothe the baby. Effective, safe, and easy to use. Eucalyptus/menthol pad - Provides soothing comfort for babies with colds or stuffy noses. The cool refreshing menthol oil opens nasal passages and acts as a natural expectorant and decongestant. Eucalyptus oil provides a minty scent with soft, Woody undertones. This scent is perfect for colds, flu and allergy relief.
Made in United States of America